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Our “BabyROO series” is full of important information, exciting insights and lots of fun activities and ideas to help your baby’s brain and body development.

Why GymbaROO

Louise Jones, BFG Content Manager and Mum of 1 very energetic 18 month old


Running, jumping, bouncing, crawling, climbing, throwing, spinning, tapping, singing, dancing. These are all the things, and more, that our little mister gets to do for fun at Gymbaroo Ballarat!


But what he doesn’t realise, is that as much as he is having fun, he is also learning and developing his skills at the same time, win-win I reckon.

Seven Excellent Reasons

  1. Our programs started strong 35 years ago and are continuing to deepen as time passes.

  2. The equipment has been designed (and is laid out) specifically to target everything from vestibule to gross motor functioning and more.

  3. We educate our families with ways to 'play' with your child so that even when class is over you can continue the benefits of your GymbaROO         classes all week.

  4. You will get weekly hand outs with the concurrent developmental or neurological theme.

  5. Our families receive a copy of the music used in class so that they can continue the fun and learning at home.

  6. Our staff view their work like a service to the community and are passionate (maybe fanatical) about the difference they can make to your child' future learning.

  7. Our mat times, music and movement activities are all designed to target your child exactly where they are at in their neurological and        physiological development.

It's a no brainer: GymbaROO's response to Naplan

The latest Australian National Literacy and Numeracy results (NAPLAN) are not pretty. There is little, if any, improvement in literacy and numeracy scores in the past 10 years and writing skills are reportedly diminishing. Even our ‘brain’ capital, the ACT, has seen a downward slide across the board. While arguments abound about the veracity of the national testing process and analysis, we cannot ignore this concerning, ongoing, backward trend.

Read the full press release here

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