Yes, we are most definitely a place to take your children where they will do targeted movement activities to enhance their brain development. But we are so much more than that! We are just as much about equipping you, the parent / carer, with the tools you need to maximise every opportunity in every day.  No matter what stage of development your child is at you will see your little ones go from strength to strength and you will notice the difference in their school years.

Help your child reach their potential!


Learn lots of insights about early childhood development, and have lots of fun with this structured program that lays solid foundations for the school years.


All our programs are specifically designed to develop

essential motor skills in children and to inform parents of

the importance of early childhood development to health,

learning and behavior.

Our classes are led by professionally trained early

childhood specialists (teachers or nurses) and use

specialised equipment and activities specifically designed

to stimulate your child's physical, neurological and social



There is nothing quite as rewarding as being actively involved in your child's development and watch them brighten with excitement, participate with enthusiasm and help them experience the joy of learning.

Some features of GymbaROO

  • Age appropriate sessions, from 6 weeks to 5 years

  • Research based programs involving both the children and their carers in a safe and fun environment

  • GymbaROO trained professionally qualified instructors

  • Specialised equipment, exercise, music, dance, massage

  • Weekly 45 minute sessions, parent handouts and home activities

What is GymbaROO about?

BABYROO 6 Weeks - 12 Months

BabyROO is a program designed to give you and your little one prescious time together. You will learn how to provide activities at home to help your child learn about their world and get a jump start on their education. The program specifically targets the stimulatory needs of babies to help lay a solid foundation for ongoing development of the brain.


GymbaROO 1 to 3 years

At Ballarat GymbaROO we provide a fun exciting place for toddlers to explore and learn. We have a definite routine (so loved and important for young children) that allows us to concentrate on gross and fine motor development, balance and coordination, music and dance and climbing & tumbling.

There is a child-oriented theme each term and a weekly topic related to that theme. Our classes are divided into age appropriate groupings. Our toddlers are known as penguins, koalas, wallabies and kangaroos. Penguins are those who are gaining confidence with their walking (12-18 months), Koalas are our climbers (18-24 months), Wallabies are our beginning jumpers (24-30 months) and Kangaroos are our big jumpers (30-36 months).

School Readiness 3 years to school age

Ready for Kinder 3- 4 years old - Possum Class

At this age children are becoming far more social and enjoy playing with other children. At GymbaROO we encourage greater team work and provide Sensory Perceptual Motor Stimulation circuits that promote sensory integration and laterality. It is very important for children of this age, who need further consolidation of these stages. While at the same time increasing more cross pattern activities, where the right side of the body is balanced

by the use of the opposite arm or leg in throwing, walking,

running etc., in order to further develop the higher areas of

the brain.

Many of the GymbaROO sessions for this age group operate

without the assistance of the parents. Children learn to

follow the instructions from the teacher and the CD’s for both the dances and the exercises.  They also learn to work in groups, to line up and follow the leader and to follow three or four instructions. All these skills are essential for happy school experiences in following years.


At GymbaROO, Preschoolers are given the opportunity to perfect their abilities in the area of:

  • Cross pattern action in the upright position, with hopping for balance, skipping along and throwing and catching.

  • Cross pattern crocodiles to encourage automaticity of cross pattern movement and body awareness.  

  • Auditory work including counting and activities that require attention and concentration.

  • Word sequential visualisation work, using a word sequential reading series, and visual exercises.

  • Fine motor skill development through finger plays and action rhymes as well as crossing under the overhead ladder and swinging on the trapeze.

  • Balance and coordination by climbing, swinging, hanging, tumbling and moving along equipment in specific and challenging ways.

  • Group work with and without parents

Ready for school 4 years to school age - Emu class

For children to learn easily at school, they must

have automatic movement skills. They must be

able to use one part of their body independently

from other parts, be able to cross over the mid-

line of the body, and be able to sit still when

required to do so. Children who have difficulties

with these motor skills will have more difficulty

with reading, writing and general classroom

coping skills. A quality pre-school program is

essential, but a neurologically based movement

program, like GymbaROO, can help ensure your child is ready for learning.

What happens in a GymbaROO School Readiness Class?

  • Age specific exercises that focus on laterality, cross pattern work and independent function of individual body parts i.e. right hand/left foot. 

  • Activities using small equipment that refine hand-eye coordination skills e.g. hoops, balls, bean bags. At GymbaROO we use Perceptual Motor Program games that are fun and specifically target the maturation of areas of the brain that help make learning at school easier.

  • Group games and relays that encourage team work.

  • Language and pre-reading activities that promote literacy skills in readiness for reading at school including specific word and phrase visualisation, and auditory stimulation activities.

  • Music, dance and singing.

  • Parachute games.

  • Very specific climbing, balancing, crawling, jumping, swinging and hanging, skill work on our specialised gym equipment that fine-tunes co-ordination, concentration, and motor skills.

  • Individual activities designed specifically for children to help them to be 'School Ready'.

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