What's in a Session?

We are here to help you enrol into the correct class at Gymbaroo and give your child the maximum benefit of the program.

The Gymbaroo program is designed to follow the brain development of the child which changes quite dramatically every 6 months. The program for each age group has been written to make the most of that particular stage of development.

The classes are named after Australian animals because they mirror the skills that are happening in that age group. For example the just walking one year olds are Level 3 PENGUINS. When they get to 18mths and start climbing they are Level 4 KOALAS. At 2yrs of age they start jumping and are Level 5 WALLABIES.

The babies classes are divided into Level 1 NON MOBILE and Level 2 MOBILE BABIES. Non mobile babies are all babies from 6 weeks of age until they start moving forwards on their tummies and commando crawling. Mobile babies are all babies who are commando crawling or creeping on all fours. Once your non mobile baby gets to about 7 - 8 months of age they  move to the mobile babies even if they are not quite yet moving. Once your mobile baby gets to about 13 months of age they move to the penguin program even if they are not quite yet walking.

Our GymbaROO sessions run to a structured routine - which is important for child development.

Each term is planned to coenside with a standard school term, usually ten weeks. Each term has an overall theame and each week we have a treasure bag that is the topic focus.

Sessions run for 55 minutes and include time for free Play, Mat Time, Equipment Time, Music Time and Treasure Bag Time. Please see the Classes page for details on times and days.

Free Play

Each sessions begins with your child exploring the gym while everyone arrives.

Mat Time

The older children are drawn from the gym with bubbles and the singing of a familiar song. Here you and your child will engage in play activities targeted at your child's developmental stage. Each term we focus on a theme and each week there is something new to stimulate different areas of cognitive development.

The Treasure Bag is an exciting part of mat time where your child is stimulated with a new experience each week. This is wonderful part of the lesson enjoyed by all the children whatever their age. An important part of the mat experience is the repetition that reinforces the pathways in the brain. Activities such as an ink stamp on their right hand and foot further reinforces the theme of the day and to help them distinguish their right and left side.

Equipment Time

Our gym filled with large equipment that has been selected and specifically made to stimulate young children. Take the time to interact with your child under the expert advise of your teacher. Children practice their coordination skills through climbing, balancing, jumping, tumbling, swinging and crawling, etc. Younger children will use this as valuable exploration time. Children are encouraged to experiment with their bodies, learning about proprioception (spatial and body awareness) in an exciting and challenging environment. Teachers are always nearby to offer guidance and teach new skills. Older children enjoy the challenge of following the circuit and practicing new movement experiences. The equipment circuit is changed regularly to give each child new challenges.

The end of a Session

The session is concluded with music and parachute time. This is where you are given vital information to take with you into the week. This information will help you to continue the fun of initiating stimulating play and activities. All with the goal of preparing your child through movement stimulation for future learning. Everyone is given a new word and picture for their GymbaROO visualisation wordbook for follow up practice at home with the flash word technique taught in class. Parents are also given lots of information handouts on child development, parenting skills and appropriate activities to do at home with your child.

Class Groups

We group the children into developmental groups appropriate to their specific stage of development. The children become quite attached to their teachers and classmates and we endeavor to keep your class together throughout your time at GymbaROO. Requests for changes are granted when vacancies arise.

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