Paying your term fees by direct debit is so easy. You can space your payments out over the whole term and not have to find the amount up front.

Term three payment schedule:

Week 1 - 17th July - $52.50

Week 3 - 31st July - $52.50

Week 5 - 14th August - $52.50

Week 7 - 28th August - $52.50

Total term fees $210.00

Payments conclude when the whole terms fees are paid and are reactivated for the start of the next term upon request. 

Please note that:

  • A new customer is charged a one off $2.00 administration fee.

  • No early bird discounts apply to direct debit

  • An optional SMS reminder is sent out 3 days prior to the debit taking place, charged at 55c per message.

  • A default charge of $8.90 + GST is charged if funds are not available

Ok then, how do I get started with direct debit?

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