Is there anything more annoying than losing classes you have paid for?

Our goal at GymbaROO Ballarat is to deliver your child to school with their neurology and physiology in as developed a condition as possible.

We want them to enter school with the best chance to become a successful learner.

But we understand that from time to time illness happens or things get in the way of attending our scheduled classes. As such we want you to be aware that your make up classes can be rolled over into subsequent terms for the life of your enrolment.  

To qualify for Make-Up Classes for the Life of your enrolment please observe the following:-


  • You must notify GymbaROO Ballarat of a class that is to be missed. (Don’t worry you can tell us at a later date when you would like to make it up.)

  • If for some reason you cannot attend your make up class, you MUST let us know prior to the class or it will count as one of your classes. so that we can readjust your total.

  • Your make up must be booked through the form below. Please do not use Facebook or text message.

  • Classes must be booked in advance and an email will be sent to confirm your class. This is to ensure our classes don't become too crowded.

  • The make-up class is only able to be used with a currently enrolled child

  • All makeup classes expire when the child reaches school age

  • We will keep a record of all classes missed and accumulate these to be used at a later date.

  • Makeup classes are not able to be refunded or used as credits towards term fees

  • Makeup classes are only able to be used for the child enrolled. (Non-transferable)

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