Yvette Knights :Franchise Owner, Neuro Developmental Therapist, INPP UK, Bachelor Early Childhood Development

​I have been interested in movement and its connection to learning since I was a teenager.


I saw first hand how hard it is to watch someone you love struggle with learning and I saw how a developmental movement program helped to correct the learning struggles. 

This start to my life has left me with a passion to help others, starting with correcting learning struggles and now with Gymbaroo helping to prevent them before they even begin. .

Kristie Wilson, Centre manager / Class teacher

You will all know our wonderful Kristie. She has been with us since the beginning and is passionate about the difference that GymbaROO can make to the quality of children's lives. She is an incredible advocate for what GymbaROO can do to make a difference in children's lives and delights in watching all the amazing changes that happen from week to week in her classes.

Mathew Knights, Administration, Bachelor Education

​I have been working in education for over a decade. Teaching in the education system I sometimes feel a little like an 'ambulance at the bottom of the cliff!'

By this I mean the experience of frustration at trying to educate children who struggle so much with just the basics.


By launching a GymbaROO in Ballarat I really feel like we can make a difference to children and their start in life. To be able to set then up for a successful learning experience.

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