10 week term

Friday 9:15am


Kinder to School Readiness

Emu classes aim to ensure children have conquered all the skills that ensure that learning is easy and fun from the day they step inside a classroom door.

Activities, games, and equipment skills now focus on ensuring that both sides of the brain work together smoothly, easily and automatically.  Emphasis is also placed on advanced body awareness, directionality, motor planning, following at least 4 instructions without prompting, remembering a sequence of activities and other complex skills that ensure children have the essential skills for learning success


At this level we work towarss the following goals


  • Marches in cross pattern with rhythm and flow
  • Hops smoothly on either leg, forwards, backwards, sideways
  • Skips along smoothly
  • Swings along under overhead ladder with rhythm and control
  • Begins to read and write
  • Knows several nursery rhymes and can sing accurately
  • Enjoys jokes. Loves stories
  • Loves dramatic make believe play
  • Draws a full person with mature pencil grip (dynamic tripod grasp)
  • Brings thumb in opposition with each finger in turn, left and right
  • Rides a balance bike and is able to lift feet. May be able to ride a two wheel pedal bike
  •  Changes sides in a cross lateral crocodile position smoothly and efficiently.


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Emu 4 - School Age Friday 9:15am

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