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Kinder to School Readiness

For children to learn easily at school, they must have automatic movement skills. They must be able to use one part of their body independently from other parts, be able to cross over the midline of the body, and be able to sit still when required to do so. Children who have difficulties with these motor skills will have more difficulty with reading, writing and general classroom coping skills. A quality pre-school program is essential, but a neurologically based movement program, like GymbaROO, can help ensure your child is ready for learning.


  • Cross pattern action in the upright position, with hopping for balance, skipping along and throwing and catching.
  • Cross pattern crocodiles to encourage automaticity of cross pattern movement and body awareness.  
  • Auditory work including counting and activities that require attention and concentration.
  • Word sequential visualisation work, using a word sequential reading series, and visual exercises.
  • Fine motor skill development through finger plays and action rhymes as well as crossing under the overhead ladder and swinging on the trapeze.
  • Balance and coordination by climbing, swinging, hanging, tumbling and moving along equipment in specific and challenging ways.
  • Group work with and without parents.


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Possum 3-4 yrs Friday 10:45am

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