This is the first line of the whimsical song sung at each class during the Treasure Bag time; from non-mobile babies right through to the school readiness classes of our Emu group.

The Treasure Bag is a phenomenal tool used to lay the foundations for literacy. By the time a child has progressed through the whole GymbaROO program their neurology is primed to make the transition to reading.

Each week there is a visualisation word  that specifically relates to the terms theme. Neurologically and developmentally the whole process is designed to engender recognition, recall, concentration and visual focusing. There is exceptional value in this for laying the foundations for future learning. And of course, as always, what you learn to do in class should be repeated during the week at home for maximum effect.

This term being Online, your visualisation book will look a little different. In your Welcome email will be a link to an Online Visualisation Book. You are able to print this out at home (and feel free to let your Little One decorate it!) or you can use your iPad/Tablet to do eye tracking and word flashing. If printing it out, fold the paper in half and use it how you would normally with your book. If using your iPad/Tablet, enlarge the picture to the full size of the screen for your eye tracking, then bring the word to the screen and flash it quickly (you may need to lock your screen so it doesn't move). 

Term Two Theme - Teddy's Adventures

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